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3 tips to finance study trips

May 31, 2019


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When you are a student one of the best experiences is the end of studies trip. No matter the destination, if it’s a cruise, or if you travel by plane for the first time.

The important thing is to live a unique experience with your classmates. And for that it is not necessary to have to go to the University, you can enjoy your trip of end is studies in the School or the Institute.

But once the best offer has been obtained by hiring a low cost trip for groups, the only bad thing about the study trip is always the same: how to finance the trip.

How to finance your study trip without having to sell anything

How to finance your study trip without having to sell anything

And to achieve it the best thing is to resort to creative solutions, apart from the typical financial solutions of selling lottery or shirts. So from Credtext we want to give you some tips to finance study trips:

  1. Organize a party to get money for your trip: so all your classmates can participate to finance the study trip. Some may sell tickets for the party, others be waiters, porters, etc. To organize your party you can use the facilities of the College, Institute, or University. Although the best option, to have everything you need to serve a drink, is usually to collaborate with a local bar or disco pub. That way you will not have to rent things like speakers or hire a DJ. Keep in mind that organizing a party is not easy and also if assistance is scarce, then you may end up losing money. So to guarantee the success of the event you can organize a themed party to finance your trip.
  2. Sell ​​promotional items: because today there are hundreds of online stores that you can use as providers to get money for your study trip. The only thing you have to do well with your classmates numbers: what is the minimum order of items, what is the profit margin, and how many units must be sold to finance the end of studies trip. Keep in mind that selling promotional items assumes a high risk if you have to buy the items in advance. Because if you do not sell enough, you can even lose money.
  3. Request a loan for travel, as long as you are of legal age and for cases in which you lack money for your study trip. Keep in mind that to get a loan you have to ask for it individually because it can not be done on behalf of the group of class students. A loan or a mini credit is a good solution when you lack some money to pay for your end of studies trip, or when you want to have more money to spend on your trip. A mini loan allows you to get amounts of money up to 500 euros, although the most common amounts are usually between 150 euros and 300 euros. For what they are an aid to pay the part that you lack of your trip of end of studies. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are a student it may be more difficult to get a loan, and that the repayment period of the mini loans is usually a maximum of 30 days.