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Convenient and comfortable loan for pensioners

Convenient and comfortable loan for pensioners

Retirees, today as today, often want to resort to simple and comfortable loans for figures that are not too high, in order to meet the needs of everyday life. Payday loans for pensioners can also be very convenient: here we take the opportunity to illustrate YoBank’s loans for pensioners, which are often very convenient and comfortable .

Surely the most widespread structure of loans to pensioners is the sale of the fifth, an easy tool to obtain – just show up in the bank with the identity document and the pension slip, and then the request will be evaluated -. However, it must be borne in mind that the majority of loans for pensioners also require the obligatory stipulation of a life insurance policy in the Case of Death, and that as regards the salary assignment, the monthly payment cannot exceed 20% of the net pension.

The YoBank pensioner loans are certainly very comfortable and designed for customers and also for those who are not customers of the bank. PerTe is a personal loan for Social Institute pensioners prepared by YoBank. Thanks to it it is possible to get small amounts (minimum 3,600 euros) and up to a maximum of 75,000 euros.

The sale of the fifth Perte of YoBank is repayable from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 120 months.

Furthermore there are also fundamental requirements to be respected:

  • maximum age of 83 at the request
  • maximum age of 85 at the end of the loan
  • not having other transfers of the fifth in progress

The YoBank bank therefore offers a solution that, unlike that of other banks, grants access to the loan up to the maximum age at the end of the 85-year payday loan, much higher than the average (80 years). This is undoubtedly a great advantage.

The amount is always subject to the monthly payment and therefore to the total of the pension, as we know the installment cannot exceed 20% of the total net sum of the pension.

Furthermore, as always, the repayment of the installment takes place by the institution that pays the pension directly to the YoBank bank.

The times for obtaining the payday loan from YoBank are relatively short , and the credit is direct to the current account.

It should also be noted that the YoBank bank charges a penalty of 1% on the capital repaid before the term, if more than a year, while for repayment periods of less than one year the penalty is 0.5%.

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